Science Beer

Science|Beer is the gathering of scientists and science lovers, from various backgrounds and major, in a cozy and friendly environment.
Each Science|Beer hosts at least one Science|Brewer.
Science|Brewers present their research topic in 10 minutes and at the end they describe one of the challenges which they currently face.
The described challenge establishes a good starting point for the diverse group of audience to start communicating with each other and the Science|Brewer.

There are some other guidelines which we follow:

SicenceBeer is a monthly event.
It happens in a non-academic environment e.g., in a café.
Everyone can be a Science|Brewer.
The Science|Brewer uses only the old school methods e.g., chalk and blackboard.
Every Science|Brewer automatically joins the Science|Brewery club.
The presentation should be understandable for scientists from all disciplines.
And last but not least, the entrance is free for everyone.

Do not forget that beer is only a symbol, an analogy, and a tribute to the German culture. Otherwise we drink all sort of drinks during each Science|Beer.
Do you want to participate in the next Science|Beer?

…simply stop by!

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